Friday, October 16, 2015


I don't shop nearly as often as I used to.  Mostly because nothing fits...except shoes.  Shoes fit.  They fit so well that I have too many. No, I haven't gone all Imelda Marcos, but I have so many shoes that even my shoes have shoes!  Pumps. Boots. Loafers. Wedges. Flats. Sling-backs. Stilettos.

Every so often I clean out my over-crowded closet and throw out the dusty, the out-of-date, the worn down, and the old shoes to make room for the new.

The other day I ran to my closet to pick out something different.  It's that time of year:  too late to wear sandals, but too early to don a pair of boots. 
I always have trouble choosing shoes between the Summer/Fall season, and again during the Winter/Spring season.

If it were up to me, I'd sport a sandal all year long.  I have hot feet (as in temperature) most of the time anyway.   Love sandal heels.  Love sandal flats. Love sandals that tie.  Love sandals that buckle.  Just love, Love LOVE sandals on my feet.

So, while searching my closet I spotted a pair of shoes that would be perfect for the day's weather.  Just a petite peek-a-boo toe on a brown suede.   This particular pair of shoes had a soft comfy, chunky heel that always put a "spring" in my step.  Perfect. 
I hadn't worn these shoes for a while, perhaps a couple of years.  I actually forgot about them, so when I discovered them again in my closet, it was ALMOST like finding the perfect new pair again.

I put on my shoes, ran downstairs and I was out the door and into my car to run a few errands.

During my first stop at the post office as I exited the car, I noticed some black spots on the carpeted car mats.  hummm.  Where did this come from? I thought I must have stepped in something.  I plucked a few of the little dark specks from the carpet and threw them out the window.

My next stop was to gas up the car.  Things went fine as I headed in to the station.  Yes, I pay cash for my credit card.

My third stop was a quick run through the grocery store.  Just needed a couple of items, so I grabbed one of those small baskets that all the single shoppers use, and made my way through the food aisles.
Trail of black throughout the whole store
As I walked on the gleaming white floors, the heel of my shoe started to feel uneven.  Looking at my left foot, I could see that the chunky heel and sole of the shoe was disintegrating before my eyes.  I glanced back and saw that I was leaving a trail of black crumbled bits.  Once the heel started to decay, the process was fast. I hobbled to the cashier trying to keep my weight on my "good" shoe. 

By the time I reached the cashier, I felt like Gretel (sans Hansel) with a whole trail of black "crumbs" shadowing me.  Then suddenly, my "good" heel did the exact same thing, and fell apart instantaneously! 

Start of Crumbling

Both shoes at the same time? How long were these poor soles in my closet? 
They just rotted away, I assume. 
Perhaps it's time to revisit the shoe closet:  
Out with the Old...In with the New!