Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Life Cut Short.

I did something today that no one ever wants to do.   I visited a funeral home and tried to bring even a miniscule amount of comfort to a former neighbor and acquaintance.
My former neighbors are a wonderful family.  Great children.  Involved in school and city functions.  Today they are burying their son.  An adult son, 37, who was married, loved teaching his high school classes, and just all around good guy. 

Gone in an instant.  It’s not fair.  Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.  How do you comfort a mourning mother?  I can’t even begin to say I know the pain.  There are no words to comfort.

But tonight when I arrived home, I happened to see an episode of ABC’s Primetime Nightline.  Reporter Bob Woodruff probed the Mysteries of Near Death Experiences…what people see, feel, and hear when they describe crossing over from this world to the next – and return.

Woodruff himself spoke candidly about what he remembers in the terrible minutes after a vehicle in which he was traveling in Iraq in 2006 hit an improvised explosive device.  Woodruff had an out-of-body experience that he says, the feeling still effects him today.

Countless people recounted their experiences.  All describing a wonderful, serene sense of well-being.

The program left me with a peaceful feeling.  It’s a comforting thought that death is not something to fear.  That perhaps there IS more than this life here on earth.

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