Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer

With the last days of summer on the horizon and the searing heat at 98 degrees today, I headed outside thinking I would make use of my swimming pool one last time for the season.  The pool beckoned my family throughout the scorching month of July, but as soon as August came around, the enthusiasm for swimming at grandma’s dwindled.

That happens every year.  Seems as if during June and July the deck is filled every day.  People (me) soaking up the early summer sun, and kids swimming.  But by August, it’s as if we’re already looking for some slightly cooler days.   So I was playing with the thought of closing the pool next week, a bit earlier than usual.

Besides, my pool chemicals are down to the last tablet and I just hate to head to the store for more because then I'd have a full barrel of chlorine sitting all winter long. 

I must proudly admit, though, that in the 5 summers since my divorce (I can’t believe it’s been that long already) that I have been caring for the pool on my own, I have had C-R-Y-S-T-A-L clear water.  Almost unbelievably so.  I don’t understand what the problem was all those years before….humm. 

The only help I need on occasion is with some muscle for opening the chlorine-feeder.  That so-and-so (the chlorine-feeder) is as tight as a drum.  My son fits the muscle requirements.   Luckily the feeder only needs to be wrestled-open every 3 weeks or so.

Anyway, if I am not playing working at my desk, or watching my 5 grandchildren, I am usually outside “playing” in the water.  Today, when I stepped out to use the pool, I noticed that the deck needed a light scrubbing.  Out came the hose, but when I looked up near my dining room window, I spotted one of the ugliest spiders I have ever seen.

I am not afraid of much. 

I take that back……..that’s a lie…a big, bold-faced, mortal-sin lie.

Let’s just say that spiders are ONE of my fears.  Although since being on my own, I’ve noticed that my fears have diminished.  I guess you do what you gotta do.

Anyway, after seeing that eight-legged arthropod beast, I was a little repulsed, but I was gonna get that sucka if it was the last thing I did. 

His web covered much of the diameter of the window.  At least I am assuming it was a He – all the more moxie for me to get him!

Don’t tell PETA, but I was armed with a hose primed to the POWER setting; I had a gallon-sized jug of Home Defense bug spray ready to drown that creepy-crawler; and I had a broom. 

Was that enough power for defending and protecting poor little me?  

Oh yes…my camera.  I ran inside to fetch it so I could document this huge undertaking.

Should I broom him away first and THEN spray the heck out of him?  I decided to spray first. 

I pumped up that blankety-blank jug until the pressure in the little release valve was ready to burst.  Cocked and ready, I pulled the trigger and let him have it.  


Probably over-kill, but he eventually fell to the ground where the broom did its job.  Smash. 

I took my trusty hose and washed him (what was left of him) through the deck and down-under.   Gone.  Nothing.  Nada.  Safe again.

What’s that saying?  Where there’s one….?

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  1. You funny girl! I love Daddy Long Legs, but not too many spiders. Never screamed in school like the other girls, either. But, I have to admit, I hate those fat, hairy ones. Almost sounds obscene!


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