Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty in Pink?

I attended a graduation ceremony today, watching all the pomp and circumstance as the graduates strutted up the aisle proudly wearing their tassel-caps signifying school work well done and behind them.  They are now on to new things, taking all the lessons learned and shifting to a new phase in life.   I couldn’t help but think how fast these lives were moving, and if only they could have the foresight to truly understand all that is important in life. 

Midway through their march across the stage, each graduate was approached, quickly introduced to the crowd, and questioned as to their goals.  “And what do you want to be?” questioned the teacher as she bent down and put the microphone to the mouth of babes. 

OMG!  I cringed each time I heard the word “Princess.”   Don’t worry, though...there were a few other aspirations.  batman…princess….an occasional soccer star…princess…doctor (yes, a young girl’s answer)…princess…princess…spiderman….princess…even a veterinarian or two in there.

What a ROYAL pain!  Is this what we teach our children?  Hasn’t this Princess thing gone a bit too far?   Just take a stroll down the “girlie-girl” aisle of any toy store and you will be blinded by hues of bubble-gum-pinks and psychedelic purples.  Aisles where glittered, feathered, fairy-dusted toy boxes hypnotize unsuspecting girls as young as 1 to “pick me...pick me!   Warning:  The instant little ones are snatched into the clutches of this potentially life-altering aisle, they are trapped until they are at least, what?   10?  

If it ain’t pink…it stinks!  Is that the message the toy manufacturers are sending?  Little girls and the me, me, “look at ME syndrome!”   I am all for little girls acting like little girls.  I just love the clothes and ALMOST everything girly.  But come on now. 
I know, it was only a Pre-School graduation.  Let’s just hope that by Kindergarten graduation these little princess-graduates will have an understanding…YOU already have the Crown Jewels.  YOU are capable.  YOU are smart.  YOU are competent.  You don’t need Prince Charming to rescue you.  You will be perfectly capable of rescuing yourself, thank you.

For another humorous outlook and explanation on "Fairy Tales" for children read:

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