Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Real Reality

The verdict is in…Not Guilty.  The Casey Anthony trial captured the world’s attention as if it were a reality show.  It WAS a reality show, without all the editing and film left on the cutting room floor.  True reality despite the lies, imaginary characters, and accusations of incest.

I wasn’t on the jury, so who am I (we) to say.  Even the alternate juror (he’s the only one talking, so far) agreed with the Not Guilty decision. 

Ms. Anthony lived up to her latest ink… Bella Vita. But will it be a beautiful life?  Where is she to go?  She’s fingered her family and friends…burned her bridges.  Doubt she can get a job.  She’ll have to get outta town. Seems as if the only alternative will be to sell her story for some big bucks and go into obscurity.

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