Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That Old Time Religion

Me in my uniform.  Circa 1956

Today is Wednesday.  Actually it’s Ash Wednesday.  The first day of Lent…40 days before Easter (not counting Sundays).

My formal education began with 8 years in Catholic school taught by Dominican nuns. Obviously Ash Wednesday was a big day.  After attending church (which I obediently did EVERYday as part of school) and having ashes ceremoniously crossed onto my forehead, my thoughts would turn to the daunting task of what to “give-up” for Lent.  A discussion that always involved my girlfriends and what “evil influences” they were going to abstain from that particular year.

Candy?  Ice Cream?  Not American Bandstand, pleeeze!  I don’t recall anything I gave up that lasted all of a couple days, let alone 40.  I do recall friends, though, who couldn’t spend a day at the movies during this time, or participate in any other “fun” activities.

Fast-forward to 2014.  Not much thought has been given to the Lenten season.  Perhaps I should re-visit the practice of depriving myself of something for Lent.   How about giving up Facebook...OMG?  Think what I could do with all that extra time!  

Or how about abstaining from some real sweet treats?  It could do a body good…and maybe even a soul.

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