Monday, March 14, 2011


Is it me or what?  I’m not living under a rock…am I?  I like to at least THINK that I stay pretty current with the latest trends, whether it’s in clothes, the latest movies or actors, the latest jargon, or current events.   I am not in the dark...entirely.  I get, at least most of, the current sexual innuendoes rampantly used on TV and in the movies...some sooo slick, the references barely slip past the censors.

But I am not addressing any of that.  I am talking about the pure, unadulterated, cussing-like-a-sailor language…used by young ladies(?).  Yes, I am picking on the ladies today.  And I don’t mean the middle-school aged girls who are still in the experimental stage trapped somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

I am talking about college age and older girls.  Young women who are, or will be going, out into the workforce soon.    Their Facebook walls are full of vulgar profanities.  They sound…excuse my language…like a “bitchass” (idiot).   Their obscenities may just come back to sting them one day, and sooner than they expect.

Just because this language is more commonly used among young people (unfortunately, diluting some of its harshness) doesn’t make it alright.

Years ago if there was a group of young guys talking and their language got a little “colorful” when a young lady was within ear-shot, at least one of the men would offer an apology.  Sometimes it was just an “excuse my French” but it was an overture that said, I respect you.  And we appreciated it. (Like on the “Grumpy Old Man” segment of SNL, “That’s the way it was…and we LIKED it.”)

What happened to that courtesy?  I’ll tell you what happened.  The young girls joined right in with the boys (the language of the girls is, many times, worse than the boys) and have relinquished that respect.

Don’t forget, language is a big part of how others judge you.  Once someone has an impression of you it's hard to change that.
 Kudos to all the young men and women out there who haven’t succumbed to trash-talk (at least in mixed company).  You signify manners, maturity, and intelligence.

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  1. Hi Joyce. I have now read your blog and enjoyed reading it. Your taste in films is very much like mine as I loved the God Father and Fried Green tomatoes I thought was brillant


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