Thursday, April 14, 2011

Internet Dating 101 – Taking the Plunge

Time to ‘fess up.  A few short years ago, following a 40-year relationship with one man (36 of those years married), on one-of-many sleepless nights, I found myself sitting in front of my computer screen (which, by the way, does NOTHING to help one get back to sleep). 

Still, even at two years post-divorce, I hadn’t been bothering to log-out or close down my computer at bedtime.  I’d wake after such restless sleep so often during the night that logging in to cyberspace in the wee hours of the morning was more the norm, than not.

On an impulse one particular night, when nothing more than infomercials could be found on the tube (remind me to tell you about the incredible “In-Styler” I purchased one night), I began browsing (perhaps “window shopping” is a more appropriate term) through a popular on-line dating site.   You know, one of those all-the-rage sites advertised on TV where they proclaim your “Match” is waiting?  Your soul-mate?

I was personally aware of a few success stories of new-found love meeting over such sites.  But those were mostly for “young” people, I thought.  Not for 50 and 60 somethings…or was it?

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