Sunday, April 17, 2011

Internet Dating 101 – First Day On-Line

I was pretty pleased (especially as a newbie to dating sites) with the profile I had written the night before.  It was truthful, informed the reader a little about me, and showed accurate photos of me.

The next morning I was anxious and excited to see if my profile had attracted any attention.  Much to my surprise, when I logged on to my e-mail, I had a number of inquiries, comments, and interest.

Of course, all the attention piqued my interest immensely.  So perhaps there ARE lots of “over 50s” out there, I thought. 

Now that I am more mature and wiser, I was going to be very picky.  It was not only my right to be choosey, but it was a duty that I owed myself, and definitely, my family.  I didn’t want or need any drama in my life.  I had been through enough of that during my divorce. 

Soon inquiries came pouring in.  Many filled with compliments.  It was those compliments, the get-togethers that were planned at little restaurants or coffee shops, and the on-line chats that helped me come alive after my divorce. 

When I say “come alive,” I mean that the dating site had sparked an interest in something new and exciting.  For getting me THROUGH my difficult divorce, I have to give credit to my family and, especially, to a few of my sisters.  Without them, I may not have made it.

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