Sunday, April 24, 2011

Internet Dating – Tier Three - Face

Tier Three – The Face-to-Face.  Woo Hoo! (But don’t start celebrating yet!)  Finally...a graduate from Tier Two - The Phone Call.  One of a few who has now made it to the finals. Tier 3 – The Face-to-Face.  First the Brain, then the Voice, and now, the Face.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met a small portion of pleasant men at first “coffee” meeting from these sites.  BUT…and it’s quite a big BUT…I’ve also met many more men with strange quirks. 

Men who drink too much.  Men who trash their ex-wives, who talk too loud, who talk too quietly, who are cheap, who are extravagant, who don’t comb their hair (which makes me wonder if they know what a toothbrush and floss are for), and don’t forget the dreaded “porn-stache”. 

I’ve met men who wear filthy baseball hats, wear white socks with sandals, wear LOUD T-shirts advertising cartoon characters (yuk), men who curse too much, men who don’t talk enough… get the idea. 

And don’t forget, these men were some of the most promising who had made my first two cuts.  OMG!  Out of these top graduates, most did NOT turn into real dates after the first introductory get together.
I only chose to date a very few. Would you believe that there were even a few who didn’t seem to want to date me?  (gasp)…go figure...must have been something wrong with them. lol   

Of the few I did choose to meet again (I’ll tell you about them in another post one day), no one has captured my interest beyond a date or two. 

Have a Happy Easter!

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