Friday, April 22, 2011

Internet Dating – Secret Recipe

Here are the conditions I use to decide if I should even write to someone…let alone meet them.  There are 3 basic tiers I require the prospective suitor to meet:

Tier One - Text/Profile or “If He Only Had A Brain”:   I DO scrutinize the profile and e-mail.  Lots of people say they don’t judge and that it's wrong to judge.  I say you HAVE to judge!  How else do you choose?  We are constantly judging everyone and everything.  People perceive judging as a negative…but it’s NOT a negative…it’s a positive!  OK now, back to the skinny…

The Profile (Brain) (and yes, that DOES include close scrutiny of the picture(s) they choose to post…no need to feel guilty about that.  Contrary to what some say…it’s NOT shallow).  I closely observe how they’re dressed. What’s with those undershirt shots?  

Study the background in the picture.  It’s amazing what you may see. Look at the house (or heaven forbid, the beach) they’re standing in.  I closely inspect their children (yes…a picture of a strange, tattooed, pants-on-the-ground, gold-grill-in-his-mouth kid WILL nix the deal...YO…like-father-like-son (or daughter).

Does his profile text read well and follow some kind of logic…at least a little?  It's unbelievable how many don’t use any punctuation!  It makes the profile impossible to read!  I can overlook a few typos or even some spelling errors but, come on now. Your profile has to make sense!  You ARE trying to make an impression, aren’t you?  A good impression? 

Don’t misunderstand.  I am not knocking a lack of education, by any means. I don’t look for the most educated person, but I do seek out COMMON SENSE.  A hard-working, common sense, truthful person is what’s most important.  I’ve come across a couple of medical doctors on the site who were downright rude, full of themselves, and had questionable morals! 

On another note.  What is it with men and communication?  They WANT to keep an open chat going via e-mail, but EVERY note they send leads to a dead-end.  I always ask a question or two to keep the conversation moving along.  IF, by a slim chance they answer my question (didn’t they READ my note?), they never make a query in return.  Don’t they know that ENDS the conversation?  Then they write back a week later and want to know what happened!  Strange. 

If my potential date succeeds in passing Tier 1, The Brain (MOST on POF haven’t made it out of Tier 1, and never will), then they graduate and it’s on to Tier Two - The Voice.

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