Thursday, April 21, 2011

Internet Dating 101- Two Years Later!

911!   After a couple months years (has it been that long?) of scrolling through countless internet dating profiles, the men all look the same….WAIT….I think they ARE the same! 

I believe it may have something to do with those unruly mustaches hanging under all their noses.  Funny. Reminds me of the push-broom that’s been hanging in my garage all these years!   

Listen…I love a little facial hair! A shadow, or a closely (closely being the operative word) trimmed goatee…great.  But that big bushy “porn-stache?” Well, that’s GOTTA GO!  NOW!  The ONLY person that can still pull off all the hair on their upper lip is Tom Selleck …and even he needs to bring his 70s look up-to-date.

It’s unbelievable to me but, yes, two years have passed since I apprehensively filled out my very first internet dating profile.  And what a two years it’s been.

I feel as if I know these poor souls men whose profiles’ stare back at me from behind the safety of my screen.  Some profiles disappear, only to return again a month or two later.  Explanation?  They found their soul-mate (I detest the word soul-mate), only to discover (again, and again, and again) that they had made an error in judgment.

My profile, along with many others, eventually expanded to include a few other dating websites.  Sites with names limited only by your imagination.   Take my word, there is a site to suit everyone’s needs…from the usual suspects to the unconventional.  All yours at the touch of a keyboard.

While on “Match,” someone I knew from my small community whose picture popped up daily on my screen, suggested I try out a free site he had discovered…a Completely. Free. Site.   Plenty of Fish (POF).   You know that old saying?  You get what you pay for?  How absolutely fitting. 

Tomorrow I’ll tell you my own secret recipe I follow before meeting a prospective date.

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