Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day Indeed!

I witnessed some class today…some major class.   The wedding of Prince William and his bride Kate (Catherine) Middleton. 

Of course, the world was abuzz with all the details of the wedding.  I awoke early, 5 am eastern standard time, just in time to get a good seat in front of my television.  The event was soon to begin.

It was refreshing to see such a young couple (he’s 28 and she’s 29) full of style, grace and beauty.  I only hope that this wedding can be a model for future brides to aspire.   

I fully understand that only the very privileged can (or would want to) come close to duplicating such an extravagant affair, but I hope brides (and grooms) everywhere will take note of the couple themselves.  They demonstrated such dignity and poise.  Their love will conquer all.  Yes, even, and perhaps more-so, because of their royalty, they will have obstacles to overcome. 

The Future King and Queen of England.  

Fairytales can come true.

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