Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's Go See a Flick!

Took a couple of hours this afternoon and headed out to see a movie.  “Water for Elephants.”   I enjoyed it… thoroughly…a Two Thumbs Up!  The movies I REALLY like, or those that leave a lasting impression, are often too few and far between.  So when I see something that I think is good, I recommend it!

I go alone to the theater.  I like prefer it that way.  And I prefer catching most movies late on Sunday mornings (when everyone is in church), or seeing an afternoon matinee during the week.  

First.  It’s only $5.   

Secondly?  There are usually not too many movie-goers in the theater.

And Thirdly?  I don’t want to share my armrest…not with a stranger…unless it’s Kevin Costner who happens to be there previewing a flick.  And THAT ain’t gonna happen. 

I really enjoy the early shows because most of the time I feel as if I am getting a private showing!  Gotta love that!

And the best part?  There will be no one in close proximity crackling cellophane off the candies that they are e-v-e-r--so--s-l-o-w-l-y unwrapping thinking no one can hear.  Or how about the chump chewing vigorously as he stuffs down a bucket of popcorn?  SOMETIMES I can forgive little eating sounds during a comedy. But when I am engrossed in a who-done-it, or a drama where I NEED to hear every word of dialogue in order to follow the story?  I cannot stand the unnecessary noise. 

How can someone continue to eat at the most critical points in a movie?  Popping candy and popcorn in your pie-hole while watching “Schindler’s List” or flicks like “Dances with Wolves,”  “The Godfather” or, heaven forbid, while Paul Newman is boasting in “Cool Hand Luke” is downright annoying.  What ARE these people thinking? 

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