Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bridesmaid but Never a Bride?

I first saw the trailer for BRIDESMAIDS while in the theater to see another movie a couple of weeks ago.  The small snippets seemed as if it would be funny, but I dismissed it, thinking the movie was trying to be a “guy” movie for gals.  I thought it would be the typical “junior high” humor…something I am not usually a fan of.  

However, on a rainy day (one of many, recently) with a few hours to spare, I decided to see what this movie was about.  Besides, I needed a light-hearted comedy to chase away a light case of the blahs.

And guess what?  It was worth the short trip to the theatre. I was pleasantly surprised that the movie actually had a story line, and I was interested in seeing how it would play out. It was a hilarious comedy to be enjoyed by all…not just for women...although it was written by a woman.

The characters, especially the main character, Kristen Wiig of Saturday Night Live, were genuine (in a slightly over-the-top kind of way), despite some gross-out gags, and profane language (hence the “R” rating).  I thoroughly enjoyed Kristen Wiig as Annie. She is absolutely wonderful and soooo funny!

Annie is the penniless main character whose messed up life is crumbling as she tries to make good on her expensive duties as Maid Of Honor for her best friend.  

See it and let me know what you think!

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