Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sprucing Up the Yard

I have a medium-sized Weeping Cherry Tree in the landscaping outside my front window.  You know the kind.  The branches grow up and then bow gracefully towards the earth in a “weeping” style.  I love that tree and wait anxiously every year for it to bloom.  And not until I witness those delicate pink flowers blossoming, does it signify the official start of the spring season.   

About five or six years ago I added one of those whimsical faux-stone faces to the tree.  With my help, my grandkids have had fun letting their imaginations come up with silly stories about Mr. Tree.  Mr. Tree has been spotted by friends, neighbors and visitors over the years. 

But poor Mr. Tree’s character began to fade right along with his appearance.  Still, he stood stone-faced through all types of weather keeping watch and greeting visitors as he stood guard outside my  window. 

My front window has always been a favorite spot for my 5 grandchildren.  We sit there and watch the world go by during the long winter months.  Then watch spring come alive with the arrival of ducks, squirrels, all types of birds (my neighbor lovingly feeds all critters), and bunnies, Bunnies, BUNNIES.

I visited a dollar store the other day looking for nothing in particular.  Occasionally I discover trinkets for the kids, or I spot some small, fun, do-hickey for the pool or yard.  It was that day when I came across 12 colorful Sharpie permanent (at least I hope they are permanent) markers.  I picked up the pack of felt tipped markers and headed for the checkout.  Five Dollars total?  Great.  Three coloring books, sidewalk chalk, and those markers.  Such a deal!

When I got home, first… the blue marker to color Mr. Tree’s big googly eyes.  Second?  Pink for those luscious lips.  Mr. Tree…oops MRS. Tree…….now how am I going to explain that?

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  1. It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature!




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