Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I came to the rescue of a couple ducks the other day.  The two mallards were waddling across the median on a side street I was driving down on my way to the post office. 

I slowed, thinking the birdies were surely going to reach the curb by the time my car approached, but nothing was fazing these two “love birds.”  The ducks continued taking their sweet old time.

Suddenly, I spotted a serious problem.  Oblivious to the large cat stealthily creeping up behind them, the ducks, a male and female, continued their waddle across the street directly in front of my idling car.  The cat’s body, prepped for a pounce, inched closer to his prey until I opened my window and “hissed” at it.  And I can “hiss” with the best of them!

Perhaps my concern for those two ducks helps negate my feelings of guilt for chasing out the ducks that take up residence in my pool from March through mid-June.  

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